Financial Planning

How it works 1. Initial Meeting Fact gathering Identify objectives Define scope of engagement Fee estimate Click here for financial planning worksheet: PDF Excel 2. Goal Setting and Software Setup Outline short- and long-term goals Link accounts to Wealth Vision software Review spending and cash flow Risk assessment Collect fee 3. Final Presentation Provide recommendations and implementation of advice 4. Execution Account(s) setup Trade execution 5. Ongoing Monitoring 1. Starter

Investment Management

Option 1: Guided Wealth Portfolios Digital Investing Through Guided Wealth Portfolios Ideal for those that have $5,000 - $100,000 Want to invest in low-cost, exchange traded funds with a low starting account minimum—all with the guidance of a financial advisor? Our Guided Wealth Portfolios online investment platform could be an ideal option for you. Answer a few brief questions in our digital portal and get a customized portfolio proposal. See


1. Application Insurance Questionnaire Carrier Paperwork Signature / Submission 2. Health Check Health History Questionnaire Labs (Blood/Urine) 3. Underwriting (2-4 weeks) Medical Records DMV and Rx Database Checks Phone Interview 4. Offer / Approval (3-5 days) Medical Rating Given Final Design Decided Policy Issues 5. Policy Delivery (2-3 days) Acceptance Signatures Initial Premium Payment 6. Post Issue Setup Online Access Schedule Annual Review Schedule a Call to Learn More

Estate Planning

We offer access to our network of estate attorneys to assist with drafting estate planning documents. Explanation of estate planning documents - Trusts, Wills, Power of Attorney, Health Care Agent, Guardianship General estate planning and gifting strategies General estate tax planning and education of trusts and estates Sources of estate liquidity planning Partner with firms to draft estate planning documents for our clients Schedule a Call to Learn More

Topic Specific Packages

1. Home Buying Essentials Can I afford the home I want? Model out the impact of my cash flow Help me evaluate mortgage options Plan for property tax and maintenance expenses How much of a down payment should I put down? Which assets are best to liquidate for my down payment? Do I need additional life insurance to back the loan? Full Details 2. Tax Planning Backdoor and Mega Backdoor

Cash, Banking & Lending Solutions

1. Insured Cash Account (ICA) The LPL Insured Cash Account (ICA) is an FDIC-insured, interest bearing, automated cash sweep program. Every business day, uninvested cash is automatically transferred to the LPL ICA, so that your cash earns interest without incurring transaction charges. When the cash is needed to cover a debit, it’s automatically transferred back to the account to fund the transaction. Cash swept through LPL ICA is insured by

Education Savings

What is a 529 Plan? 529 Basics A 529 plan is a tax-advantaged investment plan designed to help families to save for a beneficiary’s (typically one’s child or grandchild) future higher education expenses. While commonly referred to as 529 plans, they are formally known as “Qualified Tuition Programs,” as defined in Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Code, and are administered by state agencies and organizations. Savings in a 529

Business Owners and Professionals

Whether you are an Entrepreneur or long-time Business Owner, you may have spent years planning and building your business. You may have invested a significant amount of personal time and capital to get where you are today. As you focus on your business, it is easy to delay your personal financial planning until closer to retirement. In many cases, these business goals can interfere and clash with personal goals. At


A Corporation is a business that is legally separate from its owners. It may have as few as one shareholder or over one hundred. These organization often require the guidance of several business professionals for continued success potential and often, what gets lost in the complexity of management is the financial planning for the key employees vital to the organization. At JTL Wealth Partners, we can help you facilitate many

Alternative Investments

We offer access to the following alternative investments Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) Real Estate Limited Partnerships / Private Placements Business Development Companies (BDCs) Private Equity Private Credit Hedge Funds Qualified Opportunity Zones Managed Futures To learn more, please schedule a call Schedule a Call